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 A note about this newsletter from Dawn Merriman:

    I have a rare neurological disorder in addition to Multiple Sclerosis.  Getting to this diagnosis took over 15 years and a week at Mayo Clinic in September 2020.  I also struggle with mental health issues that were not properly diagnosed until Mayo Clinic.

   The crazy journey I’ve been on is a novel in itself. I’ll most likely write a book about my experiences once I get further along on my recovery journey. Think “Brain on Fire” meets Wonder Woman???  A book about the wild things my disorder causes my body to do, combined with how I manage to soldier on and do things most “normal brain” people can’t do. That part of my life is like a train wreck you can't help wanting to watch. 

   If you'd like to follow my journey and read first hand accounts of things like, how last night I could only walk backwards even though, I wanted to walk forward, then this newsletter is for you. 

  Plus, when I write my book and it becomes a best-seller, you can tell your friends how you were part of the development team. (wink wink)

  Seriously, the stories are all true and heartbreaking to me, but I need to write them. I always say God made me this way for a reason.  I feel called to share my physical and mental illness battles to help others. If you, or someone you know , is struggling against their body, against their mind, against anything that a wild story from me might help with sign up. 

   You can also read past posts on my new blog page once I get it set up. For now, if you want to hear about my trip through the mall where I dissociated to a five year old mind set and "all the pretty lights" became delightful, then enter your email above. 


  Thank you and God bless,

    Dawn Merriman