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MESSAGE in the BONES: Book 1

When long-buried bones are found, only Gabby can help find out what happened. The only one who believes Gabby's visions is the killer and he's marked her as his new victim. Can her brother and detective Dustin and his partner Lucas stop the killer or is Gabby on her own? 

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MESSAGE in the FIRE: Book 2

When Gabby finds a nearly dead young woman in the woods wrapped around her newborn baby, she must use her gifts to stop horror happening nearby. Will Gabby be able to stop them, or meet a fiery end?   

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When Gabby finds Lucas' missing sister, she finds more questions than answers. Her past comes back to haunt her. Can she find the strength to survive? 



Gabby and Lucas's holiday plans are derailed when they find a car wreck. Three young children missing from the empty car. Can Gabby and Lucas find them before it's too late? 

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MESSAGE in the BOX: Book 5

When Gabby finds a mysterious box, it sets off a chain of events of murder and museum mayhem. With her mom, Emily along for the ride, can Gabby once again use her psychic talents to solve a murder? 


MESSAGE in the BLOOD: Book 6

Coming 2022. 

Maddison, Indiana
Supernatural thrillers

Marked by Darkness : Book 1

An intensely emotional, psychological thriller.Consumed with grief from losing her husband and children, Maribeth lives alone in a cabin in the woods.  Haunted by her dead family and the choices that destroyed them, she just wants to heal. When a woman is murdered and left in her woods, Maribeth can no longer hide. The serial killer who destroyed her life has a copy cat determined to finish her off.  BONUS CONTENT: Download the book club guide.

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Inheriting Elyse : Book 2

When Melinda inherits her aunt's farm, she gets more than a hoarded house, a herd of cattle and a massive doll collection. Some curses are passed through generations. Some ghosts will stop at nothing to get what they want. 

Cage of Invisible Bars : Book 3

Some cages are in our minds. Nellie knows nothing beyond the cabin in the woods where she lives with Jack and her daughter. Until she learns her world isn't what it seems. 

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How Murder Saved My Life

Two people want Zoey dead - One is in her own mind. Which is worse - a killer desperate to keep her from finding the truth about the dead body in her field, or the killer in her mind. Maybe  she can stop them both. (Previously published as "Field of Flies") 

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Water for Murder

Harper Lakes Supernatural Murder Thrillers Book 1

Can seeing ghosts help Kenda solve a murder?