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Dawn Merriman writes small town murder mysteries and supernatural thrillers.

Escape into a world of mystery and suspense that will keep you up reading, but not give you nightmares.

Dawn Merriman's book are full of twisty clues, heart-pounding action, fun hijinks and unforgettable characters. Each book has a high dose of  mystery and suspense, a little bit of the supernatural and a touch of faith. Cuss words, sex and graphic violence are sparse. Creepy, twisty stories that keep you guessing.

Her best selling series is Messages of Murder. Small town murder mysteries with a cast of loveable characters and a psychic twist. Her Maddison, Indiana Supernatural Thrillers series will have you up late and sleeping with the lights on. 

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Dawn's books are all available on Amazon as e-book, paperback or FREE with Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

My Story

Dawn Merriman writes creepy small town murder mysteries, but nothing too graphic. (She likes to sleep at night.)
   Dawn Merriman grew up a small town farm girl on a small time pig farm in Indiana. She spent her young adulthood sitting on her bedroom floor scribbling stories into notebooks. She won the "Northeast Indiana Young Writers" award as a sophomore in high school.
   After battling severe depression, she wrote her debut novel "How Murder Saved My Life" as therapy. Mixing her love of murder mysteries and farming with climbing out of the darkness, she continues to write twisty thrillers. 
   Dawn Merriman currently  lives on a small farm with her husband and college-age children. You can often find her with muck boots on her feet, or barefoot, and a story in her head. She is currently working on new murder thrillers. She enjoys animals, auctions, reading, snorkeling and writing small town murder mystery novels. 


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Ways to keep in touch

I love hearing from fans and interacting. There are several ways to keep in touch with me. 

   By email.  My email address is DawnMerrimanAuthor@gmail. Feel free to email me for any reason. 

Official Fan Club on Facebook. The official spot for all things Dawn Merriman. Polls, insights, fun, book discussions. 

"Unofficial Fan Club" on Facebook. We have lots of fun there. I post excerpts of my books, funny crime memes and occasional insights into my life.  If you'd like to join, send a friend request to Dawn Merriman Novelist.  


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